Recycling Center:

  • With the help of the Ohio EPA, Auglaize County Solid Waste Management has opened a recycling center.
  • Center location is off of Industrial Drive at the Village Electric Building.
  • Center is open 24/7.
  • Please read signs at the drop off location for directions on sorting. Click here for recycling center guidelines. 

Recycle Bins:

  • Recycle bins at your residence are picked up by Maharg Inc. Click here for Maharg’s recycling guidelines.
  • Please pick up your recycle bin within 24 hours of recycling pick up. 
  • The Village has replaced numerous recycle bins due to high winds. If the forecast is calling for windy conditions, please wait to set out your bin until the winds have died down. If you end up with a bin that is not yours, call the Village Office and we will have it picked up.

Yard Refuse:

  • All brush, grass and garden waste is to be hauled out to the brush pile, which is off of Industrial Drive, past the Electrical Building.  There is a sign indicating where yard refuse is to be dumped.
  • All yard refuse should be placed directly on the brush pile.
  • You do not need to separate one type of waste from the other.
  • NO bags or boxes are to be left on the pile.
  • Brush trailers will only be used for LARGE pickups. To request a trailer for this, contact the Village Office. Trailers are not available over the weekend. 

Trash Pick Up:

  • Residential trash pickup is provided by Maharg Inc.
  • Click here for trash pickup information.